Hey Everyone,

My name is Alisha and I am so glad you decided to visit my site.  I am a small business owner, located in Santa Cruz, California. All my products are all natural and handcrafted from only the highest quality ingredients.

I  have always had a passion for make-up and bath and beauty products. I have worked in the bath and beauty industry for many years. A couple of years ago, I decided that it was time to start working for myself instead of a large company.

Since I had a passion for bath and beauty products, I decided I would start making my own. I wanted to create a product that would be able to compete with all the top brands at a much more affordable price. I began researching everything there was on making and creating bath products.

After months of practice and trying out different recipes, I felt I finally had a product worth selling. I began demoing the product and after several sales I began to perfect the recipe. My bath bombs became so successful that I was asked to start teaching a class on how to make bath bombs.

As I became more successful my confidence also grew as did my creativity. I truly enjoy making my products and I am always coming up with creative ways to spice up the look of the product to set me apart from the rest.

Though I do have some product on hand, most of my soaps and bath bombs are made to order and since everything is handcrafted by myself, sizes, colors and shapes of product might vary.

 Thanks you for your business and I hope that you enjoy the product as much as I enjoy making them.  


Alisha Stanley

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